Our Heritage

Master JinWook Choi, Ph.D.The UNI Tae Kwon-Do Club was founded in 1969 by Master JinWook Choi, Ph.D.
Over 50 years later, The UNI Tae Kwon-Do Club is UNI’s oldest Sport Club, as well as the oldest collegiate Tae Kwon-Do program in America. Master Choi is an Associate Professor of Economics at DePaul University.
Members of the UNI Tae Kwon-Do Club include the novice, as well as experienced Black Belts. Students of any skill level, age, gender, or physical conditioning, can grow and develop mentally and physically, and are bound only by their devotion to learn.

In 2010, The Drake Tae Kwon-Do club was formed by UNI Tae Kwon-Do club student and 3rd Dan Jerel Krueger, along with founding members Victoria-Lee Moy, Rei Wirsig, Mr. Andrew Shawd, and Jodi Dobinski.  The Drake Tae Kwon-Do club continues a long tradition of outstanding collegiate martial arts instruction grounded in the principles of traditional Tae Kwon-Do.


Grandmaster Joseph Philip, 9th Dan The website of our KwanJangNim, Grandmaster Joseph Philip.

The UNI Tae Kwon-Do Club  The home school of our Chief Instructor, Master Jerel Krueger, and our KwanJangNim’s dojang.

Marr’s Traditional Tae Kwon-Do Academy  A sibling Tae Kwon-Do school in San Antonio, Texas, under the instruction of Master Daniel Marr.