Personal Etiquette

Personal Etiquette for Tae Kwon-Do Students

When introducing our Chief Instructor, use “Master.” When interacting with our Chief Instructor, Tae Kwon-Do students should use “SabBumNim.”

In order to enjoy the optimal mental and physical benefits of Tae Kwon-Do training, students are encouraged to live a life free of alcohol, tobacco and drugs.

Members should observe our Club’s dress code policy when traveling and representing Des Moines Traditional Tae Kwon-Do. When not wearing the traditional DoBok at Promotional Testings, Black Belt Demonstrations, or competing at National Tournaments, White Belts thru Brown Belts should wear Business Casual, and Black Belts should be in Business Dress attire. When attending our Black Belt dinners, Black Belts and their guest(s) should appropriately wear Business Dress.

Students are not to enter class late or leave early without the permission of the Instructor.

Students should turn away from the Instructor or opponent when adjusting their DoBok or belt.

Students should respect Instructors and students of higher rank.  Often times, higher belts will be required to instruct you (even though they are not Black Belts).  When they are instructing you, you should give them the respect and attention you would any Instructor.

Students are encouraged to participate in class enthusiastically.  However, unnecessary conversation should be avoided.

Disagreements with Instructors should only be brought up in private, or outside of class.

Handshakes should always be exchanged after sparring and partner related activities.

Students are not to hold any demonstrations or teach Tae Kwon-Do without the approval of their Instructor.

Students are not to engage in any activities that might degrade the code of Tae Kwon-Do, the reputation of the Des Moines Traditional Tae Kwon-Do, the Drake Tae Kwon-Do Club, or their Instructor.

Students should have the approval of their Instructor prior to participation in any Tournament competition or Promotional Testing.

The use of profanity, obscene gestures or actions and unnecessary roughness towards a fellow student is prohibited and may result in suspension or termination of training.

Execute a bow of courtesy upon meeting a Black Belt or Instructor. Students do not have to wait for an Instructor to acknowledge the bow if the Instructor is busy.

Proper respect should be displayed to all persons holding a higher belt rank than yourself.

Remove all jewelry before class.

Toe and finger nails should be kept short, clean, and trim.

Profanity, loss of temper, horseplay, loud laughing, and talking or any display of lack of self-discipline will not be tolerated.

Practice only the Basics and Hyungs (forms) which have been presented to you by your Instructor.

No free sparring without the permission and presence of a certified instructor.

Tae Kwon Do techniques are not to be applied outside of the school unless circumstances involving your safety or the safety of others are overriding.